Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TuTu Summer Shirt

I made this shirt using Indietutes Corset Dress tutorial.
I love the shirt but she just hates to stand still long enough to lace it up. I also had a little trouble with her straps slipping. She has no shape and is even all the way down so I have to make the top of a shirt compensate.

Here is my modification, but check out the original first it is awesome!
Cut 4 shoulder strap pieces and 2 (on the fold) bodice pieces. I just drew up a pattern like I wanted it to fit. You will need 4 hair rubber bands, 4 buttons, and a roll of tulle.

After you cut it out, this is the time to applique or embroidery the front. Sew the sleeve straps right sides together leaving the ends open. Place the bodice pieces right sides together.

On the bodice measure 4 even spaces the same on each side (if you are making it smaller than a sz 6 only use 3). Take the rubber bands and wrap thread around 1 end (don't tie it) and place it inbetween the right side together bodice pieces. Alternate so that each side has 2 rubber bands (first side rubber band, blank rubber band and blank) (second side blank, rubber band, blank, rubber band. Pin the bands down so that they are just sticking out a little. A pin on either side holds the band in place. Pin the bodice together.

Sew the bodice together except for the bottom and where the sleeves will go. I double pin where I am supposed to stop and start. It looks weird and makes you think when you get to it. Turn the straps right side out and press it. Sew across the top and bottom with a long straight stitch and a high tension. It should gather it slightly.

Now place the strap between the bodice pieces into the front insert. Adjust and sew it down. Do this on both sides of the front (not the back).

Now it is easier to turn it right side out and figure out which side for the back go on. Place a dot on the strap and the insert so you can match them up. Do it on both sides of the back. Now turn the bodice wrong side again and insert the straps so that they match up and are not twisted inside.

Now turn it right side out and press it.

Next take your roll of tulle and cute 6 times as long as the bottom of the entire length of the bodice. Fold it lengthwise and stitch with the longest straight stitch and the highest tension at the end of the unfolded side. This should make it really gathered.

I just fold it as I sew. Now pin it with the stitching towards the bottom of the right side of the bodice. Do not go through both layers just one. sew it down.

Now turn the end under and match with the other side so that both are neat and even. Pin it and Top stitch the whole bodice.

Now sew on the buttons so that they alternate the way the rubber bands do. You're done!!


  1. I love the modification! Looks great, especially with the tulle. What a beautiful (if wiggly) model too!

  2. I love your tutes and read your blog as often as you post! The curly haired cherubs seem to be the wiggliest:-)