Monday, July 19, 2010

Rayon Wrap Skirt

This is my favorite kind of skirt and it took me about an hour to make! "How To"

This is why I prefer not to be the one in the pictures! I am Casper white and I always have a goofy look on face.
I made one on Saturday and had to make some adjustments!I made it with a non-stretch bias tape at the waist and it made it too big and pucker. I also made it too big in the waist. I like to wear my clothes a little lower than my belly button so I make them a little larger than my waist measurement, then I get crazy and add way too much! I guess in my head I am way bigger than the fabric says I am.

This just doesn't fit quite right. The bias tape has no give but the fabric does. I think I pulled the bias to get it straight and it kept the rayon fabric from going back into shape. Lesson learned. The one I am pictured wearing I used FOE (fold over elastic) and it is perfect!!


  1. Love them! And FOE is great. I love using it.

  2. FOE is perfect for so many things. i will do a tute when I get a chance but I just used it for flannel pj's. It works great and has a bit of give like the flannel. I like the FOE with sparkles!