Friday, September 3, 2010

Out of Touch!

This is really sad, but I haven't really sewn much for a few weeks and I am stocking up cut out projects that just need stitched up. I bought a new serger (new to me) that does a beautiful cover stitch. It is an electronic one. I figured knowing myself I wouldn't really learn to use if I had my standard 2 sergers. So, being a dummy I sold them. I worked with the new serger for about 15 hours collectively. I get everything to work except 1 thread and no matter what I did it wouldn't stay threaded. I finally took it in and it was the machine not me!!! The lady said I was the only person she had seen that was happy the machine was broken. Well, she just didn't know I was beginning to think I was an idiot and should have kept the old sergers.

The reason for the old 2 is that you have to change the feet and the feed dog plate when you go from rolled edge to 5 thread safety stitch. Those are the 2 stitches I use almost exclusively! Usually on the same outfit and it takes forever to change all of that and the thread. I had an Elna Pro Lock5 that does amazing 5 thread safety stitches and would go through any thickness I gave it. It was an older metal mechanical serger. I should have kept it but I only have so much room! I also had an older Singer serger that made perfect rolled edges. The new one you don't have to change the feet or the plate and it is fast to rethread once you get the hang of it!

I will have a couple of tutorials when I get my serger back!

Monday, August 2, 2010

New Room for Birthday Bear!

My curly-haired cherub is a hoot. We did a build-a-bear birthday party for her this year and she got a purple bear that she named "Birthday Bear". She insisted we make room for her complete with bed, sheets, blanket, pillow and a lamp! Fortunately, we have a little wooden doll bed compliments of cousin Kayla! The rest we had to make. She is a dictator! I guess it is a good thing she knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it and when she wants it....well good for her, but for me not so good sometimes!

We made a mattress, sheets and a pillow from a satin pillow case (it was supposed to keep her hair from tangling at night! NOT). It is burgandy and she loves the color. I lucked out and had a piece of quilted heavy wool that was perfect for the blanket in the same color. The table, chairs and lamp are made from shoe boxes, a box and an empty paper towel roll. I had the lamp shade. She said we will paint it but later she was "busy" at the restaurant! Yes the bear needs to eat and have tea with her friends at the restaurant! She was the waiter.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Puppy!

We finally got a new dog a few weeks ago! We looked for a while and got the perfect one for our family. His name is Bach. We did not rename him. He was in the Poodle Rescue shelter for 3 months. He is 2 years old, a poodle-cocker spaniel mix and is already trained. Perfect fit for us as he loves the boss of the house!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

1940's Pattern GiveAway Simplicity 1273

This pattern is a lovely dress pattern from the 1940's. There isn't a date on it! It is a size 20 with the bust size 38, waist 32, hip 41 and dress length 44".

Rules: Sunday evenings I will post a pattern for the giveaway. You have to follow my blog and leave a comment. I will randomly choose a comment on Sunday evenings. I am going to do this the entire summer and you can win more than once so leave a comment every week. I have tons and found a lot more looking for a fairy princess robot super hero costume pattern for my daughter! She wants this is pink/purple:-) Watch for some crazy posts as I try to make this the way she wants it.

Disclaimer: Everything starts over on Mondays!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TuTu Summer Shirt

I made this shirt using Indietutes Corset Dress tutorial.
I love the shirt but she just hates to stand still long enough to lace it up. I also had a little trouble with her straps slipping. She has no shape and is even all the way down so I have to make the top of a shirt compensate.

Here is my modification, but check out the original first it is awesome!
Cut 4 shoulder strap pieces and 2 (on the fold) bodice pieces. I just drew up a pattern like I wanted it to fit. You will need 4 hair rubber bands, 4 buttons, and a roll of tulle.

After you cut it out, this is the time to applique or embroidery the front. Sew the sleeve straps right sides together leaving the ends open. Place the bodice pieces right sides together.

On the bodice measure 4 even spaces the same on each side (if you are making it smaller than a sz 6 only use 3). Take the rubber bands and wrap thread around 1 end (don't tie it) and place it inbetween the right side together bodice pieces. Alternate so that each side has 2 rubber bands (first side rubber band, blank rubber band and blank) (second side blank, rubber band, blank, rubber band. Pin the bands down so that they are just sticking out a little. A pin on either side holds the band in place. Pin the bodice together.

Sew the bodice together except for the bottom and where the sleeves will go. I double pin where I am supposed to stop and start. It looks weird and makes you think when you get to it. Turn the straps right side out and press it. Sew across the top and bottom with a long straight stitch and a high tension. It should gather it slightly.

Now place the strap between the bodice pieces into the front insert. Adjust and sew it down. Do this on both sides of the front (not the back).

Now it is easier to turn it right side out and figure out which side for the back go on. Place a dot on the strap and the insert so you can match them up. Do it on both sides of the back. Now turn the bodice wrong side again and insert the straps so that they match up and are not twisted inside.

Now turn it right side out and press it.

Next take your roll of tulle and cute 6 times as long as the bottom of the entire length of the bodice. Fold it lengthwise and stitch with the longest straight stitch and the highest tension at the end of the unfolded side. This should make it really gathered.

I just fold it as I sew. Now pin it with the stitching towards the bottom of the right side of the bodice. Do not go through both layers just one. sew it down.

Now turn the end under and match with the other side so that both are neat and even. Pin it and Top stitch the whole bodice.

Now sew on the buttons so that they alternate the way the rubber bands do. You're done!!

New Look Pattern 6906 Size 4

I made this pattern in a size 4. It is true to the measurements and is very easy to make. I did change the seam allowances because I used the serger. We went to "Mega-lo Mart" for a movie and my daughter saw the pink sparkly butterflies and had to have it and the matching purple. Her favorite color is pink/purple and she says it just like that, as one color. How could I say no! I had to make it an easy pattern because I hate wasting my time on cheap fabric that you know is going to stain the first time she wears it. I have had amazing results with quilting fabric AKA "the good stuff". It lasts through 3 girls and still looks great with no stains. I made the shirt longer so she could wear it as a dress. These are her I don't want to take a picture poses!

Monday, July 19, 2010

1940's Simplicity 4653 Pattern GiveAway!

This is a used 1940's Simplicity 4653 pattern. It is for Bust 38 and Hip 41. It has the instructions but the envelope is ripped all the way around. You can still read and see everything, though.

Rules: Monday evenings I will post a pattern for the giveaway. You have to follow my blog and leave a comment. I will do the randomly choose a comment on Sunday evenings. I am going to do this the entire summer and you can win more than once so leave a comment every week. I have about 75 very vintage patterns. A huge amount would look HORRIBLE on me so I am giving them away. I will be making the ones that will look good on me or my sisters.

Disclaimer: The last giveaway no one was able to post a comment on my blog, so I will be giving them both away this week. I reset everything and hope you all can post comments now!

The winner tonight is Myra. She has been emailed! The winner of last week's pattern is SEW RED HOT! I do not have your email so email me at andrea at 4sanchez dot com and give me your address! I will have the next pattern up in a little bit:-)