Friday, September 3, 2010

Out of Touch!

This is really sad, but I haven't really sewn much for a few weeks and I am stocking up cut out projects that just need stitched up. I bought a new serger (new to me) that does a beautiful cover stitch. It is an electronic one. I figured knowing myself I wouldn't really learn to use if I had my standard 2 sergers. So, being a dummy I sold them. I worked with the new serger for about 15 hours collectively. I get everything to work except 1 thread and no matter what I did it wouldn't stay threaded. I finally took it in and it was the machine not me!!! The lady said I was the only person she had seen that was happy the machine was broken. Well, she just didn't know I was beginning to think I was an idiot and should have kept the old sergers.

The reason for the old 2 is that you have to change the feet and the feed dog plate when you go from rolled edge to 5 thread safety stitch. Those are the 2 stitches I use almost exclusively! Usually on the same outfit and it takes forever to change all of that and the thread. I had an Elna Pro Lock5 that does amazing 5 thread safety stitches and would go through any thickness I gave it. It was an older metal mechanical serger. I should have kept it but I only have so much room! I also had an older Singer serger that made perfect rolled edges. The new one you don't have to change the feet or the plate and it is fast to rethread once you get the hang of it!

I will have a couple of tutorials when I get my serger back!

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