Monday, July 19, 2010

Rayon Wrap Skirt "How To"

First get nice rayon the kind that is almost scratchy feeling but not quite. It dries quickly and doesn't wrinkle. I use mine as a just about everything skirt including my swim suit cover up!
Take your waist measurement at the place you like to have it lay (I like mine below my actual waist) but only from side around the back to the other side. Now measure the same way only around the front. If they are the same measurement just keep one number. The back measurement is what we will use for the first piece. Mine was 17" and you add 1" for the seam allowance (1/2" for each side). If you use different seam allowance add 2 to your back number. Then I measured where I like my skirts to fall (above my knee) 19" plus 1/2" for the hem. On the fold of the fabric cut straight across the top 1/2 the measurement for the back plus the seam allowance (Mine was 17" + 1" divided by 2 = 9")so I cut 9" across the top. For the bottom measure straight down the length that you like (mine is 19") and make a mark now cut across the length of the original back number (Mine was 17") and cut length-wise across the fabric. Now cut diagonally from the end of the waist cut and the end of the length cut.

For the 2 front panels (if you are the same front and back) take the back panel open it, lay it on top of the uncut fabric folded so you have 2 layers. Lay it so that 2 inches of the back fabric are folded under from the waist down making a straight edge now cut it.

Now my daughter's front is bigger than the back and I didn't allow for it and screwed this up! If you are a couple of inches off allow for a bigger front so that when you measure you are 2 inches + seam allowance from the side of your waist. Example if my front was bigger than my back I would not fold the back over 2 inches I would adjust it so that there was only 2 inches from the edge of my side. Say my front is 19" and my back is 17" I would only fold the back 1" and cut (not the 2" called for.)
Now right sides together sew the 2 curved pieces to the sides of the back piece. This should give you one long piece with the edges straight not curved. Now sew a hem up the sides of the edges.

Now sew on the fold over elastic or bias (be with bias tape and don't stretch it. Start with 10" of bias just sewn so that it stays together then sew it over the entire top edge of the skirt and end with 10" of bias after the end of the fabric.

Now sew 2 pieces of foe or bias 10" each and then pin 1 to each side the wrong way away from the edge and sew it.

Now bend it back the right way and sew it towards the front edge and sew it. This should cover the yucky edge.

Hem it and you are ready to wear your wrap!

If you have questions or need additional pictures, dimensions or info email me! I am new to blogging and this is a bit harder then the hands on teaching.

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