Thursday, June 10, 2010

Matching Watermelon Doll Dress

Naturally, April has decided she loves her Baby Bekah again and must have matching clothes. IMO this doll is awful to sew for. She has a gargantuous cranium (it doesn't look big in the picture but it is)and weird bent arms. She is also a Madame Alexander from Grandma. My easy cheat way of making clothes for Baby Fat-Head is first put her down on paper and trace around her about an inch and a half out.
Cut out 2 adding seam allowance as you cut. I always use 1/4". I Hem the sleeves and sew a ruffle on. I cut a "V" in the front and sewed fabric to it right sides together, then turned it and top stitched it.

Sew the front to the back right sides together making sure you leave plenty of head room to Baby Fat-Head to put it on. Last hem it and hand it over to chubby cheeked cherub:-)

I will, as soon as she falls asleep, add a couple of hook and fasteners to hold the shoulders together better. If you sew too closely to her neck you can't get fat head through the top!

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  1. I have waited for two years to see what you would do with this wonderful summer fun fabric, and WOW, this was worth the wait. Love the top and matching doll outfit. This outfit not only fits her perfectly, it has been designed to place the ruffles so that they don't add to her but make a wonderful compliment to her body shape. Great job! Keep up the great work. Jo Mama