Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Aprons from Vintage Napkins

This is a 15" x 15" vintage napkin and 1 piece of grosgrain ribbon between 1 yard and 1 1/4 yards. This works for kids between 18 months and 6. I like to use napkins that have the decorative fringe edge and I love the ones that are double sided. This is not so, first we will put 2 wrong sides together. The pretty side will be the outside. Next, fold them upwards (together) so that the bottom is about 2/3 of the way up.

Next, fold down an inch and a half back towards the bottom. This will give you a finished edge that won't get stuck on everything she puts into the pockets. Pin it in place.

Drawn a line (in washable chalk or vanishing fabric ink) down the middle where the pocket is and then 2 more, 1 on each side equal distances from the middle so that you end with 4 pockets.

Next draw a line on the across the top. Measure the width of your ribbon and add 1/4". My ribbon was 1" so I drew a line 1 1/4" down from the first line. This will be your casing for the ribbon.

Now is the time to cut the ends of the ribbon and frey check or fabric check or whatever you use to keep the ends from unraveling. It will have time to dry while we sew.

Now start to sew from the top of the pocket down. It is easier with the fringe edge if you go down. Sew the edges and each line you drew for the pockets just from the top of the pocket down. At the top of the pocket give it a back and forth on the sewing machine so when little hands get kooky with the big wooden spoon the stitching doesn't pull out.

Next sew the top lines that you drew. Leave the right and left hand edged open between the layers as this will be the casing for the ribbon.

Now insert the ribbon with the nice side facing the front of the apron. Fold the apron in half and make sure the ribbon is even and pin it in the middle.

Sew this a couple times between the 2 stitch lines. Nothing is more annoying than the ribbon coming out in the wash or when you are trying to tie it on a hula dancing munchkin! Now you are ready for some serious tea party service:-)

The top picture is a little bigger napkin and it was double sided. On that one I used the folding method to make the casing for the ribbon and did not have to put 2 together. You can also sew the pocket fold a little shorter so that it is about 4 inches high and sew the pockets lines 1 inch apart for a crayon apron. This is a cute 10 minute gift for some lucky little girl. It actually took me longer to picture and type this than to make 2 of them.

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