Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fleece in the Summer! Sewing NOT wearing:-)

Fleece is always on sale in the hot months where I live. If you find it 50-60% off and have the extra 10% at the fabric store, buy lots of it! I plan to start my Christmas sewing early this year! Well, that is the plan. I made this little hooded cape for dd a few winters ago.

This pattern is about the easiest I have made. It is perfect for beginners and fleece fabric is very forgiving. This looks great like you put a lot of work into it. Indietutes also has a great blog about a hat with long ears. It is awesome in fleece with a flannel ears!

This year for dd's preschool class Christmas gifts I think I will make a dozen of them. 1 for each kid. They are really cool and would be very cute in winter fabric. The ears tie up in knots, they can just hang or they can be tied under the neck to keep the ears warm and the hat from flying off in the wind.

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