Monday, August 2, 2010

New Room for Birthday Bear!

My curly-haired cherub is a hoot. We did a build-a-bear birthday party for her this year and she got a purple bear that she named "Birthday Bear". She insisted we make room for her complete with bed, sheets, blanket, pillow and a lamp! Fortunately, we have a little wooden doll bed compliments of cousin Kayla! The rest we had to make. She is a dictator! I guess it is a good thing she knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it and when she wants it....well good for her, but for me not so good sometimes!

We made a mattress, sheets and a pillow from a satin pillow case (it was supposed to keep her hair from tangling at night! NOT). It is burgandy and she loves the color. I lucked out and had a piece of quilted heavy wool that was perfect for the blanket in the same color. The table, chairs and lamp are made from shoe boxes, a box and an empty paper towel roll. I had the lamp shade. She said we will paint it but later she was "busy" at the restaurant! Yes the bear needs to eat and have tea with her friends at the restaurant! She was the waiter.